Webasto Board


Programming for Boards , Microcontrolers , Windows and Phones

Wireless phone systems for restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, businesses, banks, shopping malls, gas stations, shops, farms animals , Irrigation, farming systems, boats, caravans, cars, trucks, motorcycles. Wireless Systems for bars and restaurants for orders over the phone with menu and number on the table. Wireless control systems via the phone or computer. Switching the appliances in your computer or phone. Bespoke systems that can be adjusted as temperature, humidity, time and others over the phone or computer. Automotive electronics with management by phone or computer.

Design and manufacture of automated systems for monitoring and control of animals in sheep farms, pig farms, poultry farms. Monitoring of temperature, light, humidity, wind and others. Automated control systems and feeding of animals, fish and birds. Automatic feeding of animals. Automated control systems and automatic irrigation for the farm. Monitoring of temperature and humidity, light and rain. Automatic systems are managed inside a LAN, USB, Skype, BlueTooth and others. Automated control of machines in production over the Internet or local server. Automated baking, turning shops, garages, boats, factories, farms and others. Control and security of offices, shops, offices and others. Automated control of appliances, stoves, air conditioners and all machines over the Internet, USB, Bluetooth and more. LED boards and billboards for advertising purposes, management or independent board computer without a computer. Automotive electronics - thermostats, tachometers, electronic ignition control computer LCD screen and others. Monitoring, control and automatic control of temperature, light, humidity, gas, pressure, speed, frequency, pulse count, presence sensors and others. Microprocessor systems, hardware and software development, terminal electronic devices for home, office, Industrial and Agriculture. Projects by customer, algorithms implemented by the processor systems, sensors for temperature, pressure, rain, humidity, light, speed and more. Design and manufacture of non-standard devices and non-standard control electronics and control, with and without the Internet.

Circuits, circuit boards and software for car heaters, stoves modules, automotive electronics by clien